Tuesday, October 30, 2018
By Gloria Crump
How Important are Dogs when Buying and Selling Homes?




Would you be surprised if I told you that we have buyers that eliminate homes based on whether or not their “pet” would like it? What if I told you that if the backyard wasn’t big enough or there wasn’t a fence (even though one can be built) will determine the buyers making an offer? Or if the HOA only allows a certain number of pets and or even has a weight limit restriction? 

Some of you might be surprised and some of you might be agreeing with me on this topic. See, pets have become family members over time. According to 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey, statistics show that 85 MILLION families own a pet. And that’s just in the US! Now, that’s a lot of potential buyers out there! I have even witnessed the pet taking precedence over the “human” members of the family. Yes, it’s hard to believe but, it is true. At least from my experience showing homes to prospective buyers. 

Is it because dogs are so loyal, never argues (or talks back), unconditionally loves their owners (or their parents, which I liked to be referred to as)? Just visit social media sites and you will see how popular pets are. For instance, Instagram has 1000s of pages of people posting their pets. Did you know that the very first post to Instagram was a dog? It’s true! Kevin Systrom posted the first picture to Instagram on July 16, 2010, showing his dog sitting at his girlfriend’s feet. Apparently, that post was such a hit that the Instagram app was officially released through the App Store on October 6, 2010. Just shy of 3 months after the picture was posted. 

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the account: “Dogs of Instagram.” I’ve “#” my fido multiple times on that page so, the world can see just how cute Dewey is. Just on that particular page, you’ll see it has over 4.2 million followers. That is just ONE account. There are even articles online that tell you how to make your dog “insta-famous.” It isn’t easy as one article says. Statistics show "Jiff Pom” was the most famous dog on Instagram this time last year. With over 6.6 million followers. Now, that’s a long way to go to have your furry, family member out do Jiff! 

Now, let’s get back to the reason why I wrote this article: Why “fido” could determine whether or not that buyer makes an offer on your home?

Just google “pet home ideas.” You’ll see Traditional Home and even HGTV have catered to this subject. realtor.com figured this out in 2016. It all started in San Francisco when a corgi was the star in a listing’s video to help sell the home. Our team has a collage of several pictures with ideas you can do to improve your home to cater to these particular buyers. You never know; it just might be the winning ticket (or bone) to get that offer over another listing. 

When I was considering buying my home 8 years ago, I brought Dewey over and let him “sniff” and roam through the yard for his approval. That was in 2010! Way before the video came out. Once he gave me the approval, I wrote the offer. Crazy? I think not! And millions of others will agree with me. 

So, just how important is your pet’s quality of life when deciding to purchase the most expensive item you’ll make in a lifetime? 

Written by:
Gloria Sims Crump
RE/MAX of Gulf Shores
The Coastal Leaders Team
Selling real estate for 15 years


*All information was received from the internet. And we all know, if it’s on the internet then it’s true :)